Date palms in Oman credit Samantha Mattocks
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Oasis in Oman

I have just returned from a few days in Oman, visiting to attend the inaugural Alrubatiya International Arabian Horse Championships with The Arabian Magazine. While I was there, I felt inspired to write, and this was a piece I wrote while enjoying a moment of solitude in an oasis. I hope you enjoy.

The sound of water blended with the singing of cricket legs as we walked through the desert oasis. The river beckoned to us, calling us closer. And yet… There was magic in the air, the sunlight through the date trees giving the space around us a magical quality. It glimmered in the breeze, the gentle rustling of the palms providing a backdrop to the wildlife around.

Somewhere in the distance, a bird cried. Between the blue skies and ebbing clouds, it floated on the streams above, looking down.

The river had run dry by the time we got there. A vibrant rush reduced to a trickle, the waterfall gush a mere murmur against the rocks.

A cockerel crowed.

The air around me stilled and at the same time, electrified. There was a tangible sense of something waiting for me. Waiting around the corner. Friend or foe, I could not tell, and yet I knew they were coming.

I did not run. I sat in the dancing light and rested a while. Waited while the breeze blew all my worries away. I knew I was being judged yet for once, I did not care. This was a moment for me. A moment of still amid the racing lives of languages all around me. A moment to pause. To rest. To observe. 

Rest the soul so that the heart can soar again. My dreams are too big to be tied to the ground. My steps may be small but I take them slowly and steadily. Because I know that I shall reach my goal, and my wings will take flight. 

My dreams will soar me to the stars and beyond. This glittering light will guide my way as I take gentle step by gentle step, each stronger than before, until my last dream is made.

Date palms in Oman credit Samantha Mattocks

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