A plate of Norfolk food and wine

The Norfolk Foodie Series

With lockdown resulting in all horse shows around the world being on a pause, and printing of The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine on hold for the time being, I have had the luxury of time to explore other avenues in my life.

One of these has been a long-held desire to conduct a series of interviews with people across Norfolk who are all part of our wonderful food and drink scene.

I am delighted to share that I have been able to turn this desire into reality, and have conducted eight interviews to date, including with Galton Blackiston of Morston Hall, who said: “Thank you for a great interview, you got me pretty perfectly.”

You can read this series over on The Delicate Diner website – click here to lose yourself in reading about wine and gin makers, chutney and relish producers, chefs, and supporters.

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