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I keep hearing and seeing a lot of ‘back to school’ comments and posts at the moment. For me, back to school always means one thing – stationery!

Like most writers, I am obsessed with notebooks. I always have to have one with me and if I don’t have one, I need to buy one, just in case. I used to save pretty notebooks that were ‘too special’ to write in. Now I take pleasure in filling the space inside with interviews, poetry, course material, ideas, and manuscripts. Over the years, I have filled countless books with interviews from people within the world of the Arabian horse, food and drink icons, and more.

As for what I use, I do have my favourites. Paperblanks remain iconic, but I am in love with the moo notebooks that lay flat when open. For someone conducting an interview, and writing at speed, that is invaluable. They also do thinner paperback notebooks, perfect for slipping into your bag before you head out. These books are also great as I can flip them over and use one end for creative and another for business.

I have also discovered Avocado & Spice this year, and have several in their ‘orange tiger’ range – for obvious reasons!

I love writing with my fountain pen, although I find the paper in some more modern notebooks is a little thin and the the ink tends to bleed more. Writing in pencil always creates a different experience. And if I’m making notes, then a coloured Sharpie is always fun!

So, are you a lover of stationery? Do you have a favourite set of notebooks and pens/pencils? Share that nostalgia of back to school and let me know.


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