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Meet the Writer Day 6 – Music

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MUSIC – Day 6/15

I am joining in meet the writer with Beth Kempton for the coming days, and today’s prompt is ‘music’ – do I have a writing playlist, or do I prefer to write in silence?

I have always used music as a tool to writing. I have been to many Arabian horse presentations around the world with The Arabian Magazine and they are all done to music. If there is a horse that moves me, I will make a note of the song playing, and then listen to it while writing up my feature. I have trained my brain to use music as a tool – I hear that song and, coupled with my notes, I see that horse, that moment, and can relive it for my readers.

I have playlists for all my work – Sandstorm has its own playlist, much loved, and I find I can just put it on and I am in the zone. Music has an incredible quality that can transport you, and I love that it has this power and ability.

Beth Kempton Meet the Writer Samantha Mattocks Music

Lately, I have taken to writing to rain music. If I am doing some speed writing, I put on a 20 or 30 minute playlist of rain music, and off I go. It is the perfect blue/white noise for me, and I can just focus on the words pouring from my fingers.

I can not write to music that has a fast beat or is too frenetic. I just find it stresses me out, and my typing gets quicker and quicker until it becomes a frenzy of words that make no sense.

For me, music truly is one of my most useful tools in my writer’s kit.

Photo is mine, of a live band in a Greek restaurant in Germany. Great fun!

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