Samantha Mattocks Sandstorm Blue Bar
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Return to the blue bar…

In March, I returned to Dubai and the Novotel World Trade Centre – the scene for many an escapade within Sandstorm, and also home to the legendary blue bar.

Samantha Mattocks Sandstorm Blue Bar
“Flicking the switch and leaving Sienna framed by the dimmed lights around the top of the bar, depicting different faces of musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and others on the bar below her, the barman left the room.

It felt great to be back in a place that inspired me so much, and is also the setting for one of the raunchiest scenes in the book; I couldn’t help but giggle as I look who sat on that stool! By luck, I was able to photograph the book next to Jimi, as mentioned above, and then a photograph of me with the book outside. The dress happened to match all the colours perfectly – definitely more luck than judgement!

Samantha Mattocks Sandstorm Blue Bar

I have always been inspired by my travels, but the blue bar remains legendary among the Arabian horse community. I am happy to have captured that magic within the pages of Sandstorm.

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