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September days

Oh autumn, how I love thee… The bounty in the hedgerows, that amazing light as the sun begins its descent in the sky, and that slight chill in the air that makes you begin to think about log fires and big bowls of veggie-packed stews and soups.

There is no doubt that 2020 has been the most unexpected and surreal year that any of us have ever experienced. But the constancy that comes through time marching on regardless certainly helps, lending both reassurance and structure.

My lockdown has been very mixed – the highs have been amazing, the lows at times impossible. But throughout, I have tried to keep focused and keep creative. Be that through new ideas for my established business, The Arabian Magazine, or through my interview series with The Delicate Diner. However, the standout has to be the publication of Sandstorm, my debut novel, and the amazing reaction to it.

The start of the month has seen me taking some time off to begin writing my second novel in earnest. It feels so odd to even be writing that – given that publishing the first one seemed, for so long, to be a dream that would never happen.

I love writing, and that is never going to change. I read voraciously and to have been able to write every day since March has been a true blessing. Whether this has made me a better writer or not remains to be seen!

Now, however, is all about enjoying these September days – the ones that allow you to light a candle in the office at 2pm as it’s a bit dull outside, that have put a full and proper roast dinner firmly back on the menu, and that has the cats asking if its too early to put the heating on.

Enjoy your month, and keep being creative in all that you do.

Samantha x

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