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I am thrilled to share that I am on Substack, the wonderful platform for writers, journalists and other creatives.

Samantha Mattocks Substack

Through my weekly posts, I am writing about life as an author, the things that move me, and all that is in between.

It is curious that I had a lapse in posting on my own website from winning the Olga Sinclair Prize/launching Mister Mishkins’ Apothecary last October until now. All the answers are in my Substack, where you will read about how I have slowly embraced the mantle of ‘writer’ despite, as a good friend said, being one for as long as she has known me, which is around 15 years now!

Head on over to and enjoy my posts there. I always publish on a Thursday afternoon, so please subscribe and my latest missive will be delivered straight to your inbox!

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