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Sandstorm – moving into print!

I am like a child at Christmas right now, waiting for the proof copy of Sandstorm to arrive! Yes, the time has come for me to launch my debut novel in print.

I am hoping that the book will be available by 1 August, and am now taking pre-orders. It has been so well received and I have had amazing feedback – although of course, it is a little scary to be sharing Sandstorm further than online.

The latest review reads:

“The reader is soon taken to the world of the immensely rich and powerful of the Arabian horse show scene and the people who move in it. Samantha takes us to exotic places and fabulous lifestyles where the buyers and sellers get to meet and do deals worth hundreds of thousands of Euros and Dollars etc. for this beautiful breed of horse. 

“Central to the story are the tangled webs of the breeders, grooms and hangers on in this high octane way of life, with very colourful details of their torrid affairs and loves lost and gained. Fast paced throughout and brilliantly written.

“Perfect for lovers of anything equine. I wouldn’t buy it for your granny for Christmas though!”

Pre-order your copy here.

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