Sandstorm – an update

Wow, I have been totally blown away by the response to my publishing Sandstorm in print. And print is definitely not dead – this edition has outsold the digital by 2:1. Great news!

What has amazed me most are the amazing reviews coming in for my debut novel – even from people who are not into horses. I guess we all need escapism at the moment, and delving into a book that takes you to far off lands is a great way to do so.

No fan of Jilly Cooper should miss this captivating virgin novel by Samantha Mattocks. Being a horse lover is not a pre-requisite to enjoying the well written Sandstorm, which would appeal to all age groups.

It’s a riveting read. The characters instantly caught my attention, so much so that all were imprinted on my memory despite starting the book late one night when very tired. No mean feat.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be hearing far more from this author. Personally, I can’t wait.

The signed copy is no longer available – although I am sure I can oblige if you add a note when ordering! Meanwhile, you can buy Sandstorm over on Amazon or through my magazine shop.

Happy reading, and thank you for the feedback!

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