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Sunday, Sunday…

I love Sundays. It is often the day where I am most creative – and yet it is also the day that I tend to relax the most.

For me, it is a day to look at my diary and see what is coming up in the week ahead; does anything need moving, is there too much to do in just a few short days, and what big projects need preparing for and chasing.

It is also a day to meet up with friends and family for Sunday lunch somewhere local. A glass of fizz, a roast I haven’t had to cook myself, and surrounded by people I love. What can be better than that?

I find that if I make it into the office on a Sunday, I am more creative than any other day that week. It is a peaceful time, with no interruptions from telephones, postmen, couriers, or e-mails flooding into your inbox more quickly than you can reply. Instead, it is just myself and a playlist, working at my own pace through my own personal list of ‘Sunday’. Heaven.

All Sundays end the same way, however. Around 4pm, I will join my family for a glass of something cool and alcoholic – the dry delights of a Riesling, a local sparkling wine, sometimes some crisp sherry, enjoyed with olives. If we have not been out, the house will slowly be starting to smell with tempting aromas of the Sunday roast, the fire will be lit – this is January, after all – and a film will be on the TV. In the summer, we are out in the garden, enjoying the wildlife and soaking up the sun’s rays.

Sundays are made for doing things that boost you up for the week ahead. Be that getting ahead on work, creating some space in your head, enjoying time with those you love, or relaxing with a glass of something and planning the next seven days.

How do you like to spend your Sundays? Let me know.

Samantha x

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