Sunset in South Africa

Welcome to my personal website, which covers the different parts of my life – the writer, the cook, the photographer, and the journalist.

I am Samantha and I live in beautiful Norfolk. It is from here where I combine my passions and dreams – cooking, Arabian horses, writing, and photography. You will find elements of all of these throughout this site, as well as links to specific sites that encapsulate my two businesses, The Arabian Magazine and The Delicate Diner.

For many years I have written features about the Arabian horse, first for local press and the central Society magazine, then for my own publication The Arabian Magazine. Since then, I have written for a number of publications around the world and contributed to printed books.

Creative writing remains my first love. In 2010, I self-published a poetry and photography collection, progress, which has since sold out several times over. In 2020, I published my first feature-length novel, Sandstorm, and I am underway on further projects. There is no limit to your own imagination, and I never stop dreaming.

Finally, there is my passion for cooking, shared through The Delicate Diner. My passion for all things foodie turned into a dream realised when I appeared on MasterChef in 2019. Since then, I have taken part in cooking demos across Norfolk and am now a a food columnist for a local website. In addition, I have launched a series of interviews through The Delicate Diner, and I am enjoying interviewing a wonderful variety of people in the world of food and drink. In 2021, I started nourish magazine with a friend, sharing the amazing world of food and drink in East Anglia – and beyond!

Please us the links above to navigate to your chosen part of my life and do get in touch – I would love to hear from you.

Samantha xx